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Amanda knew she had greater dreams besides pursuing a corporate career upon her graduation with a Masters in International Business from the University of Queensland, Australia. She decided to amalgamate her passion for art and business by taking up gemology classes at the Jewellery Design and Management International School (JDMIS) in Singapore followed by the very reputable Gemological Institute of America.

Armed with the latest technological know-how in jewellery design, Amanda seeks to interact with her clients on a personal basis to uncover a design which best represents them. This entrepreneur prides herself on personalised customer care, building a life-long relationship instead of a transactional one. Her keen fashion sense will also ensure that the pieces crafted will provide ample mileage – for any occasion.

Crafting Process

Work Hand-In-Hand with Me to Design Your Perfect Piece

Step 1
Make an Appointment

Can’t find a piece that you really like or best describes your personality? Have a design in mind, but can’t find something similar in the market? Make an appointment with us. This part of the process can take place via whatsapp (preferred) or email.

Step 2
Discussion & Customisation

The first meeting is usually the most important one. It provides the basis, gives birth to the initial concepts and from here, we will work hand-in-hand to design your perfect piece. Not to worry if you’ve got no idea as we will guide you through the process of finding what designs actually suits you. Once you’re fully satisfied with your design, you’ll be quoted accordingly based on the materials used, as well as the amount of workmanship.

Step 3
Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process will take approximately 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the required workmanship, design and seasonality of the period. Relax while we handcraft your item and you’ll be contacted once its ready!


Work Hand In Hand With Me To Design Your Perfect Piece


If you’re one of those lucky ones who’ve inherited some jewellery that’s seen better days, we can bring it back to life simply by polishing/re-plating it or resetting it to transform it into something entirely new and unique.

Ring Resizing & Repair

If your ring has become too small/large over time, we can re-size if for you. If your heirloom piece is damaged, don’t be upset, most of the time we will have a solution to repair it.

Loose Stones/Lost Jewellery

It is quite often that stones can work themselves loose in their setting due to daily wear and tear. Not to worry, tightening up the setting can be done. We can also replicate a single side of an earring if you have carelessly misplaced it. Simply provide us with a sample and we will replicate it for you.

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